Gasol LNG Import

Gasol has been working to develop an interim gas supply solution through the provision of regasified LNG. The Company aims to sign gas sales agreements for regasified LNG to develop a gas market prior to substituting natural gas for LNG.

LNG shipLNG Shipping

Gasol procures the supply and delivery of LNG from its own resources or the global energy market to a Floating Storage and Regasification Unit ("FSRU") permanently moored at the nearest port to the power plant.


The LNG is transferred by ship-to-ship transfer from the LNG carrier to the FSRU and then regasified on the FSRU before the gas is discharged by pipe to the power plant. Floating regasification compares favourably to traditional onshore LNG receiving terminals due to shorter construction periods and a lower capital cost of implementation.


Advantages of Floating Regasifcation