Fossil Fuel Emissions Levels

Pounds per billion Btu of energy input

Pullutant Natural gas Oil Coal
Carbon dioxide 117,000 164,000 208,000
Carbon monoxide 40 333 208
Nitrogen oxides 92 448 457
Sulfur dioxide 1 112 2,591
Particulates 7 84 2,744
Mercury 0.000 0.007 0.016

Source:EIA-Natural Gas Issues and Trends 1998

To achieve this, Gasol has adopted a systematic, risk-based approach to all of its environmental and social expectations and, reflecting the level of importance with which the Company views its obligations, has assigned the ultimate responsibility of the Company's Environmental & Social Policy to the Gasol Board of Directors.

At the project level, responsibility of the implementation of the Policy will rest with the senior project manager, however, all individuals engaged in a specific project will have a responsibility to be aware of the potential environmental and social risks of the project and to help reduce these risks at the locations where they work. Going forward, all social, ethical and environmental matters will be subject to continual review by the Gasol Board.