Gasol plc, African gas for the next generation

The Company's prime focus is the monetisation of gas reserves through the supply of natural gas and LNG to power projects & other industrial users in West Africa

Gasol is seeking to develop its own sources of gas for the future. Read more about Sourcing Gas Reserves

Gasol has been working to develop an interim gas supply solution through the provision of regasified LNG. Read more about supplying Gas and LNG

Gasol plans to work with West African Governments not only to supply gas, but to develop essential gas infrastructure. Read more about Developing Gas Infrastructure

Gasol intends to acquire equity positions in the power plants to which it supplies gas.
Read more about Generating power


Investor Centre

Gasol's Investor Relations is driven by our desire to deliver timely, accurate and relevant information to Gasol's shareholders.

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Corporate Responsibility

Gasol appreciates and understands the impact it has and is proactive in harmonising relationships.   Click here to learn about our Responsibility Strategy